ImageImageJohn Michael O'Leary, aka "Gator", hosted our Rotary Club meeting on March 14th at his establishment, The Grind (236 Hightower Rd). Gator prepared a buffet that, according to all that partook, was scrumptious.

Following the buffet, Gator treated us to a tour of his coffee bean cooking and blending facility located at the front of his store. 

We are happy to say that Girdwood Rotary Members are now educated on the “ins and outs” of the proper selection, blending and baking of beans in the coffee making process.
Located in the heart of 'New' Girdwood, this cozy little “coffee house” welcomes tourists and locals alike.

Along with an eclectic collection of cool trinkets and curios, he sells whole bean coffee, special blended coffees, zip-up and pullover 'grind' hoodies. Gator says “… the stuff we sell is getting strange. The way we like it.” 

The warm earth-tone atmosphere invites patrons to browse through the wide-ranging collections or buzz on the beans, all while providing a welcoming place to study, plot a scheme to bring the Starbucks Coffee Corporation lower than the belly of a sea snake, web surf, read a book, chit chat about nonlinear equations, or plan the next back country adventure.

He serves a variety of coffees from around the world, blended as you like them along with a plentiful supply of hand-picked local pastries and snacks. Along with the coffee and snacks, there are instruments and games to play with friends, and the wireless internet is free!

All in all, Gator has successfully created a special place for the people of Girdwood and the many travelers who help support our quiet little mountain town – and a great place for an occasional Rotary meeting.