Snickers, "the Porcupine that thinks he's a puppy"


    We were honored by a visit to our club meeting from “our new favorite guest”, Snickers.  Snickers is a nine year old porcupine that resides at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. Snickers is of the Rodent family and very curious about almost anything.  His love of public appearances is, ...


as best we can tell, driven from his insatiable appetite and love of peanuts and corn on the cob.  As long as you approach him from the front and don’t surprise him you can pet him with no danger of being “quilled.”

    Be sure to watch the following video of this cute little 9 year old porcupine, Snickers, who thinks he is a puppy.

    Gwen Burson getting acquainted with Snickers while Snickers is enjoying his snack of corn on the cob.