ImagePhoto courtesy of Duane Napartaq
    Girdwood Rotary Club President Frans Weits presented James Milne with Rotary's 8th Grade Student of the Year Award in recognition of his Academic Achievement and Strong Efforts, his involvement in Extra-curricular Activities, Outside School Activities and for his Community Service to Girdwood School. 
    President Frans challenged ...

   the graduating students to "make a difference" in their respective communities and the world by "getting involved" and taking part in Community Service as a way of life.  He also told them of various Rotary programs, such as Rotaract, that they can become involved in during their high school years as an easy and fun way to start the process of "getting involved" in community service for the betterment of their local communities.  Frans then invited the graduating students to avail themselves of Rotary's Youth Exchange Student programs which would allow them to study in a foreign country for a school year while learning about those cultures and peoples, thereby fostering better understanding and communication with the goal and benefit of promoting world peace.
   The Graduation Ceremony at Girdwood School honoring the graduating students and departing teachers and staff was extremely well organized and a lot of fun. A special moment in the ceremony was the presentation of a flower by each kindergarden student to each graduate.  Our thanks and congratulations for a well chorographed event go to the staff of Girdwood School.